Technical Assistance


How do I find the session(s) I want to attend?

Log in on the upper right-hand corner using the account you created in order to register. Your username should be your email address. You can use "Forgot Password" if you don't remember it.

Once logged in, you'll find the menu across the top of the page where you previously chose to register or submit an abstract . Choose "Program Schedule" (be sure to click on "More" if you don't see it right away).

You'll see tabs for each day of the meeting on this page, and for each session a "View Details" button. This "Details" section is where you can read individual abstracts, and this will be where you will view talks during the meeting. A button to "Join Live" will be enabled at the appropriate time. The talks will be in Zoom, which will open in a separate browser.

If you "Add to My Schedule" talks you plan to attend, you'll receive automatic email reminders.

How do the Field Trips work?

We have five virtual field trips to offer this year.  All consist of videos (10-15 min long) that are posted on our Virtual Field Trips page for you to view at your convenience.  We will also hold scheduled Q&A sessions with the field trip organizers during which they will play the video and answer questions within a Zoom session.  You can find these scheduled Field Trip Q&A sessions on the Program Schedule (see instructions above to navigate to a preferred session).

How do I show my slides in presentation mode (and not editing mode) when I share my screen?

When sharing your screen in Zoom, if your slides are showing up in Edit mode rather than the Presentation view, here are steps to try:

Within the PowerPoint presentation, go to the Slide Show menu and click on Set Up Slide Show. 

Click on "Browse by an individual (window)" under Show Type; click on OK.

Instructions for Speakers (pdf)

For LIVE help during the Meeting

Have questions about how to join your session as a speaker? 

Having trouble connecting to audio/video as an audience member?

We're here to help! Moderators are standing by on the Waterbird Society's Slack workspace. It is easy to join!: 

Go to the sign up page for our workspace by clicking here.

Complete the prompts to join The Waterbird Society workspace using your Google account, Apple account, or any email address. Note that you do not have to download any program files if you click "Not now, continue in browser" when prompted.

Once you are automatically taken to the Waterbird Society's Slack homepage, click the 2021-technical-assistance channel in the left-hand panel and post your message by typing in the box at the bottom of the screen. We will respond to you shortly.

 For any other questions: conference@waterbirds.org 

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